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Apple Music

Apple basically invented the online music business with iTunes back in 2001. Just over a decade later in 2015 Apple created Apple Music, a music and video streaming service to compliment iTunes. Today, Apple Music has around 60 million subscribers and coincidentally around 60 million tracks across all major and independent studios..........


Amazon Music

Eager to promote its emerging entertainment strategy, Amazon launched ‘Amazon Music' in 2007. Like other Amazon companies the music service started off small, with a catalogue of 2 million songs. It has now grown to host around 60 million songs, and has spawned sponsorship deals, concerts for Prime Video, and supported upcoming artists. The service is reported to have 55 Million Listeners.......



First up is Spotify. This is probably the best known of the music services being discussed in this blog. The service was launched in April 2006, has 286 million users and can be found pretty much on any connected electronic device, be it games console, TV, phone, tablet, connected speaker system and has about 50 million songs.........


Music Streaming Service Review

ver the last 6 months I have been testing out several music streaming services as I am interested to see how easy they are to use and what the sound quality is like. I am looking to see if a service can be affordable, great to use and bring awesome sound quality - only then will it be worthy of 5 stars from the Silver Hedgehog...

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In its essence, Rocketman is a Biopic showing the transformation of a child named Reginald Dwight through to the pop icon that is Elton John. The movie charts his troubled formative childhood years that shows us glimpses of his genius, through to teenage years and young adult angst. It shines a window on key life events such as his coming out, drug and substance addiction and introduces us to the brilliant Bernie Taupin. All this is framed around Elton's epic songs. It is reported that Dexter and Elton talked extensively about his younger years and this shows. Biopics can be staid, boring and procedural, this however has been injected with a massive jolt of Elton's flamboyant personality and you get the sense you are watching a very personal history unfold on screen.........


125 years of Cinema

t's amazing to think that we have been fascinated by the moving image for centuries. It's conceivable to think that every era of human civilisation has a record of moving pictures. Whether it is the primitive arts of Shadowgraphy (the art of performing a story by making hand shadows) to the latest 8k images we see today.


Car Wash (Detailing)

While in self isolation I decided to clean Flingy (the car). Here's a little blog on what I used and my thoughts on the best way to clean a car. I'm a regular guy and no professional, the process I follow is from my own experience. Preparation is key.. Before starting to clean its important… Continue reading Car Wash (Detailing)

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Covid 19

I seem to be slipping on my personal challenge of 1 blog a week. With all that is going on in the world it doesn't seem appropriate to put out regular review of days out etc. Instead Miss Hedgehog asked me to write a blog about what help and support there is for people having… Continue reading Covid 19

Days Out


The Hedgehog and friends recently took a trip out to the Holy Island Of Lindisfarne. The island is located around 1 mile off the coast of Northumberland, and getting to the island is an adventure in itself. It can only be accessed by driving along a causeway across the sea. The crossing can only be… Continue reading HOLY ISLAND OF LINDISFARNE

Days Out

The Bear Grylls Adventure (Birmingham)

I was always brought up to have a cup of tea at halfway up a rock face."Bear Grylls Thanks to some free vouchers a group of us descended on the Bear Grylls Adventure recently to do a spot of Archery. Having driven towards the NEC the first decision was where to park. Crazily, for a… Continue reading The Bear Grylls Adventure (Birmingham)


Octopus Energy

I discuss Octopus my thoughts on Octopus Energy UPDATED 09/02/2020 When it was time to look at another deal, Octopus were still cheaper than the 'big 6', but not the cheapest on the market. They would also not provide any discount for being an existing customer, citing that the prices for all customers are competitive. I thought this was a refreshing strategy -basically take our prices or don't......