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Days Out


The Hedgehog and friends recently took a trip out to the Holy Island Of Lindisfarne. The island is located around 1 mile off the coast of Northumberland, and getting to the island is an adventure in itself. It can only be accessed by driving along a causeway across the sea. The crossing can only be… Continue reading HOLY ISLAND OF LINDISFARNE

Days Out

The Bear Grylls Adventure (Birmingham)

I was always brought up to have a cup of tea at halfway up a rock face."Bear Grylls Thanks to some free vouchers a group of us descended on the Bear Grylls Adventure recently to do a spot of Archery. Having driven towards the NEC the first decision was where to park. Crazily, for a… Continue reading The Bear Grylls Adventure (Birmingham)


Octopus Energy

I discuss Octopus my thoughts on Octopus Energy UPDATED 09/02/2020 When it was time to look at another deal, Octopus were still cheaper than the 'big 6', but not the cheapest on the market. They would also not provide any discount for being an existing customer, citing that the prices for all customers are competitive. I thought this was a refreshing strategy -basically take our prices or don't......