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Wow what a year !
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January 2021 marked the start of year two of The Silver Hedgehog.  Now I had the hang of the website I came up with a plan for 2021 and how I would continue and grow the site.

  • Improve the site look and feel
  • Improve search rankings and gain new visitor’s
  • Start a you tube channel
  • Strat a Podcast
  • Continue writing.


This is how I got on….

Look And Feel


I spent the first quarter revisiting all the posts and improving them to fit a particular style I was creating across the whole site.

Standardising, resizing images and creating a standardised design for the review rating image that appears on each review type.  The website now evens supports the latest image technology in Web P , So Images load a little faster now.

The home page has been redesigned giving it a clean clear look, and highlights our latest posts.  Google reader is now able to read aloud the website.
I have also created a web app. Users will now be invited to download the site onto their device app draw. Notifications also introduced, when accepted, a user will receive an onscreen notification of any new posts, how cool is that!

Improve Search Rankings and Gain New Visitors


Improve search rankings and gain new visitors

Starting 2021 The Silver Hedgehog website averaged around 34 on the google search rankings. To combat this I took a course in search engine optimisation, I then made lots of changes in the background and the site during 2021. The result is that certain posts feature 3rd in the google ranking and the verge for the who site has improved by 10 points. A massive improvement.

Google Search Rankings 2020 vs 2021

Ranking 2021 Average 34
Google Search Ranking 2021 Average 22

The improvement in the google ranking helped increase website visitors and also our growing social media presence has also played its part too.

With Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all increasing follower numbers.

I am proud to announce that the total number of views has  increased from  Views 4,058 to 27013 an increase of 666% in 1 year !!!

Page Views 2021 (27,013), vs 2020 (4,058)

Social Stats



In April 2021 I launched the Silver Hedgehog YouTube Channel with a couple of product reviews.  The Chanel has gone on to feature 11 videos and has

just over 1.2k views since launch.



I launched the Silver Hedgehog Hogcast and at the time of writing has 4 episodes with a 5th on the way.

The Hogcast has its own Facebook group with 89 members and is growing its audience.

It has also welcomed 3 guest interviews and I look forward to growing this during 2022

On The Web, On YouTube, On Your Favourite Podcast App, This is The Silver Hedgehog Hogcast
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Carry On Writing


After the excellent reception of my first few film reviews I decided to to focus in writing more reviews and move the direction of the Silver Hedgehog towards Reviews and artciles and away from a geeric Blof with Business interviews and articles,

This has been supported by publicists within impendent and Major studios and I experimented with a film news section.

Thank You For Your Support In 2021

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