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Covid 19

I seem to be slipping on my personal challenge of 1 blog a week. With all that is going on in the world it doesn’t seem appropriate to put out regular review of days out etc. Instead Miss Hedgehog asked me to write a blog about what help and support there is for people having… Continue reading Covid 19

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Car Wash (Detailing)

While in self isolation I decided to clean Flingy (the car). Here’s a little blog on what I used and my thoughts on the best way to clean a car. I’m a regular guy and no professional, the process I follow is from my own experience. Preparation is key.. Before starting to clean its important… Continue reading Car Wash (Detailing)


The Hedgehog and friends recently took a trip out to the Holy Island Of Lindisfarne. The Priory dates as far back as 634ad founded by Irish monk Saint Aidan. Over the subsequent years Lindisfarne became the base for Christian evangelism in the North of England. St Chads mission to convert Mercia to Christianity has its beginnings… Continue reading HOLY ISLAND OF LINDISFARNE

Fraud Special : Vishing

This week I thought I would take a break from reviews and draw upon my experience as a Banker to write a Fraud Special. I hope to make these a regular feature over the year. For the 1st special I will discuss the concept of ‘Vishing’

CluedUpp Games

This week the Hedgehog joined a local team taking part in a citywide murder mystery game organised by the company CluedUpp Games.

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