Vampire Energy and The Phantom Load

Vampire Energy and The Phantom Load.

With energy prices at all time high it may be time to look past the brightly coloured labels and ask yourself if the cost of everything instant is worth it. It may be time time to seek out those Energy Vampires, or Phantom Loads, and see if you can save a little cash off your bill.

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Showstopper The Improvised Musical

Showstopper! The Improvised Musical – A Review

Life literally abounds in comedy if you just look around you. -Mel Brooks Showstopper! The Improvised Musical In 2019, before the world became grim with Covid, we visited the Lichfield Garrick Theatre to watch Showstopper! The Improvised Musical.  We were treated to two hours of an improvised musical called ‘Correct Change Please’ aka ‘M6 Toll…

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Sandfields Pumping Station

Sandfields The Musical

Sandfields Pumping Station in Lichfield has a storied and fascinating history.
The building we see now was built between 1871-1873 to house the largest Cornish Beam Engine to be installed outside of Cornwall. But why was this engine needed? – well that is the subject of ‘Sandfields The Musical’.

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Prayer Room

Muslim Friday Afternoon Prayer – Jumah

One of the benefits of working for a multinational organisation is working with people of all backgrounds, cultures and religious beliefs. In the spirit of inclusivity, my Muslim colleagues invited me to a company them to Friday afternoon prayer, Jumah, as it is officially called. 

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Feature Header

Inspirational Idea For The Blog

With the news that the UK is going into recession, I have been thinking of how I can help and support local companies. I’ve come up with the idea of writing an an editorial for local business’s and post here on my blog …………

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Guide To Home Cinema

Hedgehog’s Quick Guide To Home Cinema

So you have gone out and purchased the largest TV that you can afford, it doesn’t matter if it is too big for your lounge, you’ve got it and you’re proud. The only problem is that you still haven’t got that cinema experience, am I right?
The Silver Hedgehog has written this guide to help and inspire you with your home cinema….

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Halibuts Featured Image

Halibuts – All London’s Live Music

London Calling Are you looking for live music in London and unsure where to go? Well, I have been made aware of a fabulous new free service, exclusively for London venues and the idea is genius! Introducing Halibuts What do you mean that sounds fishy?! Halibuts is the new go-to source for music lovers and…

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