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Top Gun: Maverick Film Review

NOW STREAMING ON: Powered by JustWatch Content List Introduction Script and Screenplay Stand Out Casting Sound/ Music/ Score Visual Effects Video Quality Overall Thoughts ”It’s like Star Wars on Steroids” The Silver Hedgehog Introduction To Top Gun: Maverick I did not like Top Gun, there I said it.   I was about ten and my brother…

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Rambo Review

Rambo First Blood Film Review

The Silver Hedgehog: Rating The Script / Screenplay – 8 Casting – 8 Music / Score – 5 Visual Effects and Costumes – 9 Video Quality – 7 7.4 Recommended ‘They drew first blood, not me.’ Debatable but good explanation for film title. “I spotted a Christmas tree and a Merry Christmas banner… It’s definitely…

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Amazon Queen Movie Review

We do like a crafty watch of an independent film here at Hedgehog towers. So, when I was asked if I would like to watch a film set in the Amazon Jungle, involving a cruise boat on the Amazon river, I instantly thought, I’m up for that. The Apple TV and sound system was fired up and myself and JJ sat down to watch…

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