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London Calling

Are you looking for live music in London and unsure where to go?

Well, I have been made aware of a fabulous new free service, exclusively for London venues and the idea is genius!

Introducing Halibuts

Halibuts Live Msuic

What do you mean that sounds fishy?!

Halibuts is the new go-to source for music lovers and the only site which provides all of London’s live music information.

This is a service that simply has never existed before.

Halibuts is run by a team of London-based music-lovers who are embedded in the London music scene and regularly attend gigs and concerts across every genre.  This gives them a deep and authentic understanding of what users need and want when looking for live music in London.  It is this personal experience that makes halibuts relevant and easy to use, ensuring London’s music lovers return for music listing information.

Does it cost?

Nooo, it is completely free to use, and it lists every single live music performance and event taking place in London

What Music does it cover?

Halibuts London covers every music genre – from rap and classical to folk and rock, and every single

live music venue, from the Royal Albert Hall (capacity 5,272) to Green Note, Camden (capacity 25).

Can I buy tickets?

It is not a ticket site.  Halibuts is an essential music tool created purely to deliver a public service to Londoners.  It’s unique because it’s completely bias-free with no reviews, recommendations, adverts, or affiliations through ticket sales.  Unlike other sites which include live music information, halibuts provides a complete list of what’s on when and this has not been done before.

The music information is clear and easy to obtain with filters for genre, date, venue, location and borough, with the option to also search for free events only.  It’s easy to use, impartial and to the point.

Think of it as the IMDB of music just for London!


Hedgehog's Overall Thoughts on Halibut

Looking at the Halibuts  website I can see they have a massive 1089 events listed at present.

The site looks super easy to use and you can also filter for free events.  To my surprise it even includes musical theatre with the fantastic ‘Matilda the Musical’ the first event I looked at.

Once you have chosen an event, the information is clearly presented, detailing venue size, ticket pricing and any event restrictions such as age and accessibility.  Halibuts also lets you search event dates and as it’s not a ticket site, it directs you to the venue’s official page for ticket booking.  It could not be easier to use!

I think it is refreshing that Londoners now have an alternative Independent source of information on live music that covers all genres.  It is a great alternative to niche social network boards or craigslist messages.   I am only jealous that the site does not cover Staffordshire!

So, if you are out and about in London, check out halibuts to find your next music event!

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