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Architects Of Air Luminarium Featured Image

Feature – Architects of Air, Luminarium

About Architects of Air Since the age of 11, founder, designer and artistic director Alan Parkinson had been fascinated by Photography.  By his early 30’s, this fascination with light had taken him from a Degree in Photography to being an ‘Architect Of Air.’ “I design Luminaria because I want to share my sense of wonder…

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Zip World Days Out Review

Zip World Tower Review

After seeing a You Tube video for the UK’s newest coaster ride (operated by Zip World) at a disused colliery in Wales, myself and JJ borrowed the kids for the day and set off to Wales.

The Silver Hedgehog Rating:

7.7 Recommended

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Silverstone Interactive Museum

Silverstone Interactive Museum : Days Out Review

We had a free day during October Term 2021, so Term Hedgehog decided to venture to Silverstone and visit the recently opened ‘Silverstone Interactive Museum’ .The Museum does a superb job of explaining Silverstone’s heritage and providing a window on what it takes to make racing happen

The Silver Hedgehog Rating

8.3 Recommended

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Adventures In Sculpture Hunting: The Grand Appeal.

Friends of ours know that we love a good sculpture art trail…you know the type, Wolves in Wolves, Bees in Manchester, Bears in Birmingham.  Wherever we go we seem to come across remnants of these trails and take the obligatory selfie.  It’s become a bit of a running joke amongst our friendship group that we always manage to find some kind of art sculpture wherever we go! Our fascination with all things animal combined with art began in 2013 with the arrival of ‘Gromit Unleashed’ in Bristol…

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Days Out Review Must Visit

The Holy Island Of Lindisfarne

The Hedgehog and friends recently took a trip out to the Holy Island Of Lindisfarne.
The island is located around 1 mile off the coast of Northumberland, and getting to the island is an adventure in itself. It can only be accessed by driving along a causeway across the sea…

The Silver Hedgehog Rating:

9 Must Visit

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