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Chester Zoo Days Out

Chester Zoo Days Out Review

‘’It’s the best zoo we have ever been to!!” – Bradley Darkes Having heard great things,  Team Hedgehog decided to visit Chester Zoo during the Easter Holidays 2022. Before we get into the review here’s a little info on the zoo, (info grabbed off their website) What is Chester Zoo Opened in 1931, Chester Zoo…

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Trentham Monkey Forest Days Out Review

Trentham Monkey Forest

After what seems like years since our last day out, we decided to venture into the great outdoors and visit Trentham Monkey Forest…

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Adventures In Sculpture Hunting: The Grand Appeal.

Friends of ours know that we love a good sculpture art trail…you know the type, Wolves in Wolves, Bees in Manchester, Bears in Birmingham.  Wherever we go we seem to come across remnants of these trails and take the obligatory selfie.  It’s become a bit of a running joke amongst our friendship group that we always manage to find some kind of art sculpture wherever we go! Our fascination with all things animal combined with art began in 2013 with the arrival of ‘Gromit Unleashed’ in Bristol…

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Days Out Review Must Visit

The Holy Island Of Lindisfarne

The Hedgehog and friends recently took a trip out to the Holy Island Of Lindisfarne.

The island is located around 1 mile off the coast of Northumberland, and getting to the island is an adventure in itself. It can only be accessed by driving along a causeway across the sea….

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CluedUpp Games

CluedUpp Games Review

The Hedgehog joined a local team taking part in a citywide murder mystery game organised by the company CluedUpp Games, take a look at how we got on…

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Harry Potter Must Visit

Harry Potter Studio Tour Review

The Silver Hedgehog took a daytrip out to Harry Potter Studios, here is our report on how we got on, including the Good and Bad of our experience. Caution Spoilers..

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