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Over the last 6 months I have been testing out several music streaming services as I am interested to see how easy they are to use and what the sound quality is like.

To the uninitiated a music streaming service simply allows you to listen to any track, by any artist, at anytime, no need to buy or store music.

Streaming services typically charge a monthly subscription fee to access their services and have access to a databases of millions of songs.


Just before I dive into the reviews, here’s the technical bit:

In order for these services to work, the songs have to be made small enough to stream.. This means compressing the song.  The streaming services do this by removing the parts of the song that they believe the human ear can’t pick up. Once done the overall file size is reduced.  The smaller file causes less audio data to be sent to your device, making it easier to stream music but also causes some of the audio to be lost in playback.

Most die-hard audiophiles stay away from music streaming services for this reason, but are they good enough for the average person? I’m about to find out.

Below you will see the links to services I have reviewed. Each review will give a brief overview of the service, a look at costs, its good and bad points and finally a star rating.

I am looking to see if a service can be affordable, great to use and bring awesome sound quality – only then will it be worthy of 5 stars from the Silver Hedgehog…

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