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The Letters (2021) Film Review

One of the aims of my reviews is to support independent cinema and shine a light on stories told, yet overlooked. After all, Cinema is at its best when it’s telling a powerful story. Through the power of Twitter, myself and Indie Director Robbie Walsh got talking and Robbie graciously sent me a screener of his latest film ‘The Letters’. Robbie’s film is a drama, solely focused on the cervical check cancer scandal in Ireland. It’s a heart-breaking topic that comes with a ‘viewer discretion needed’ warning.

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Zip World Tower Review

Content List Introduction Tower Coaster Phoenix Tower Flyer Overall ’I’m going to start praying to God, and I’m not religious!’ Silver Hedgehog Niece Introduction It is one of our favourite times of the year, a day out with my niece and nephew to celebrate their recent birthdays.  Previous years have included day trips to Millennium…