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Archive Post Published in the First Lockdown

With all that is going on in the world it doesn’t seem appropriate to put out regular review of days out etc.

Instead Miss Hedgehog asked me to write a blog about what help and support there is for people having to stay at home – a great Idea!

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Things to do with the Kids…

First its worth checking this face book group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas
Click Here

There is a guy doing drawing lessons online at 2pm daily for Kids and Parents
Harptoons Facebook
Harptoons Website

Community support….

Support Staffordshire

Support For Businesses..

link to Government support

What You Need To Do..

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  1. Play board games. Set up a trail out in the garden, teach them to knit or crochet, teach the to fold paper- origami, cook cakes with them, read their favourite book and play sausage and mash- when you get to a word starting with S say sausage and the same for M say Mash instead. If you say the actual S or M word you are out and the next person has to read from the beginning of the last sentence! Funny. Good luck!

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