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Dracula 1931, header image

Dracula 1931, Film Review

For those not familiar, Dracula was published in 1897 by Bram Stoker.  The story of a 500-year-old Carpathian nobleman.  An unholy supernatural being, whose survival is dependent on drinking the blood of the living.
The Silver Hedgehog takes a look at the almost 100 Year old film and reviews it in typical hedgehog style, as part of our Universal Monsters Review Collection.

Rating 9 'Must Watch'

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The Letters (2021) Film Review

Set against the backdrop of the Cervical Check scandal that rocked Ireland and involved multiple women pressing charges against the Health Service, “The Letters” tells the story of three women, from different walks of life who have weeks to live, due to the false results of their cervical cancer checks.

The Silver Hedgehog Rating:

9.6 Must Watch

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