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” I love to create bespoke hand painted acrylic, watercolour, and digital artwork. “

-Tom Glover, The Old Art House

After spotting some stunning looking illustrations and paintings of my favourite sport, Formula 1, on Facebook, I got in touch with Artist Tom Glover and invited him to talk to The Silver Hedgehog for a chat. Introducing Tom Glover – enjoy.

Hi Tom, welcome to The Silver Hedgehog, I have to say your pictures are amazing,

Tom – Hi hedgehog thanks for getting in touch. I am glad you like my work.

I spotted you through Facebook, your painting of Senna caught my eye, such a legendary moment in Formula 1, what made you decide to paint that scene?

I have been painting F1 cars for years, one of the first paintings I ever did was a paint by numbers F1 car.  Fast forward to 2011, I saw Jenson Button win the Canadian Grand Prix on TV and decided I needed a painting of that on my wall. In 2012 while looking for a placement for my year out of University I saw an image of Michael Schumacher driving his Mercedes in the rain and was compelled to paint that too.

After starting The Old Arthouse, a family member wanted a painting of the iconic Senna/Mansell taxi moment at Silverstone in 1991 and so I jumped at the opportunity. I have painted those one three times as others kept asking me. I was sensible the final time to get prints made. My later works are more stylistic with a painting of young British F1 Driver, Lando Norris and a watercolour portrait of the late Ayrton Senna.

They do look fantastic, but I see more than F1 pictures on your website, tell us more about your work….

I love to create bespoke hand painted acrylic, watercolour, and digital artwork. I specialise in the subjects of cars (hence the F1 paintings you have seen), architecture and portraiture.
I also reproduce art from photography for clients who would like to remember that special moment or pet and sell a lot of my original paintings and prints. Alongside this, I produce a lot of 3D architectural and interior design visualisations for housing developers and architects.

You sound like a very busy artist! You mentioned that you produce a lot of 3D architectural and interior design visualisations, that sounds like very skilled work…

Before I set up my studio The Old Arthouse, I worked 9-5 as an Architectural Illustrator.  This is a skill I love to use, and it is really cool that I get to take on these projects alongside my other work. In fact, I recently finished a project for Cameron Homes in December!

You mentioned that you worked the 9-5, have you escaped that now?

Yes, I wanted to escape the 9-5 job and create a flexible work environment for myself.  I wanted to be in full creative control of the jobs that I took on. I also wanted to grow as a designer and artist while inspiring others to follow their passions too. Developing as an artist, designer and businessperson was crucial to me, so in August 2019 I opened The Old Arthouse.

The name The Old Arthouse invokes a picture in my mind of a grand master painter at work, how did you come up with such an iconic name for your studio?

Brilliant thank you, I am situated in part of an old, converted School -The Old Schoolhouse. When I created my studio, I wanted a name that did not tie the studio directly to my name, my plan is to allow for the opportunity for the business to develop into different things over time.
I would love to eventually support other artists or become an employer myself. I wanted to document the process of maintaining an art business, focusing not just on the work but on the home studio side too – somewhere customers would feel excited to visit and pick up their art. Another goal of mine was to hopefully inspire confidence in others so that they could explore their own interests and be successful!
I am still figuring things out. It is never easy but I’m thoroughly enjoying the journey.

How can a potential client commission you or buy a print?

I have a comments form on my website, and I would encourage anyone that is interested to contact me directly via social media

Update June 2021…

Since our interview with Tom in February, Tom has gone onto launch his online shop and has already shipped over 300 print orders.  Fabulous news!!!

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