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Through both some fault of my own and a third party deciding to reverse into FLINGY (my car),  I have had to call on the services of Dave @ Sutton Auto Finish a couple of times. I have to say each time has been a pleasure. I initially got in contact with Dave via the WhatsApp link on his website.  I gave him a brief explanation of what’s wrong and attached a few pictures  Dave quickly responded with his quote.  After a further exchange of messages to determine the repair location, date and time, the job is agreed. It’s a hassle-free way of working that takes the stress out of arranging a repair.

Dave arrived at my location in his customised van and set to work, all he needed to get going was a source of power and a cup of coffee.  Over the next 60 mins, Dave located the paint code, set his equipment mixing the formula, prepped the area and conducted the repair using a wide variety of tools carried with him.

Once the repairs were finished, Dave advised me not to touch the area for a few hours while the paint hardens.  With his work done and tools tided Dave leaves for his other jobs.

On the occasions I used Sutton Auto Finish, the work carried out has been exemplary. The paint on Flingy has a 3 stage pearl finish, not an easy task to conduct a SMART repair on. I am pleased to say that Dave’s work is unnoticeable to the casual eye and it lasts! The first repair I had done several years ago ( on a previous vehicle) outlasted the ownership of my car. A point that Dave is proud of, as he offers a lifetime ownership guarantee on each repair.

The price I paid was several hundred pounds cheaper than a body shop repair. So would I recommend Sutton Auto Finish? Yes based on my experience !


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The Silver Hedgehog Q & A

Continuing my posts covering independent business ,  I recently caught up with Dave Miles from Sutton Auto Finish.

Hi Dave, Welcome to The Silver Hedgehog.

Thanks for having me Garry.

Tell us about your business.

I operate a vehicle bodywork mobile repair service.  We specialise in Bumper Scuffs & Repairs, Car Paint Dings and Vandal Scratches, we can also perform repairs to Alloy Wheels.

What areas do you cover?

Our base is Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands.  We are happy to cover surrounding areas such as Birmingham, Lichfield and Tamworth. We pride ourselves in not keeping customers waiting too long and working within the local area helps us with that aim.

When did you start trading?

I set the company up in 2011 and have been trading ever since.

Why did you start Sutton Auto Finish?

I have a passion for cars and wanted to find a way of repairing minor damage, rather than replacing panels. I get a lot of satisfaction from this, I also want to play my part in creating a more sustainable and cheaper way of maintaining vehicles.

Can you repair and match the paint on any vehicle?

Yes, as long as the vehicle is under 30 years of age, we can repair any paint. We simply use the paint code that is found on the vehicle, put that into our on-board computer and we can then mix the paint to manufacturers specification – right on your doorstep. We always aim to achieve an unnoticeable repair.

How long do repairs take?

It’s around 60 -90 mins for a small repair, but times are dependent on how much work is required.

What do you charge for repairs?

Our prices can vary. For example it depends on the size of repair, type of paint required etc.  We encourage customers to get in contact with us and send some pictures across, we can then provide a personalised quote.

Our estimates are free of charge, and as a brief guide our prices start from:-

Alloy Wheel Repairs From £49

Dented Panel Repairs From £79

Scuffed Bumper Repairs From £99

Accident Damage From £119

What I can say is that our repairs can save up to 50% compared to body shop repairs, and they do not impact your insurance premium.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes Garry, we are a registered provider for the police federation, so offer 20% discount for Police Officers.

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