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In this episode, The Podcast Team Review and Discuss Secondhand Lions

A coming-of-age story about a shy, young boy sent by his irresponsible mother to spend the summer with his wealthy, eccentric uncles in Texas.

This is a Green Screen Episode. That means at least one of us is watching Second Hand Lions for the for the first time (It’s Garry).

We review the film against our criteria

  • The Script / Screenplay

    Does the story make sense and is it coherent? Does the writing achieve what it sets out to do? If it does then 10/10

    Points are lost if the story is weak, or something makes no sense, or it doesn’t achieve what was promised.

  • Casting

    Do the casting choices work? Do the actors bring the characters to life? or does something really stand out as being odd? If everything works then 10/10.

    Points are lost if something feels off or it is evident that the actors are mis-cast or not giving a damn!

  • Sound / Music / Score

    Does the music suit the film? Does the score sound good and is it unique? Its it in the best format possible think ATMOS or similar, Is the score available to buy or stream? If yes then 10/10

    Points are lost for Music not suiting the film, a lazy score that sounds like a temp score that has been adjusted slightly, and not offering the latest format depending on the release reviewed.

  • Visual Effects and Costumes

    Do the visual effects suit the film and the budget? Are they finished?  Do the costumes look good or do they stick out for the wrong reasons. 10/10 if all is well

    Points are lost for shoddy looking effects, effects that are not well developed and costumes that stand out in a bad way!

  • Video Quality

    What does the film look like on screen? Has the DP done an amazing job? Is the film presented in the best format for the production? If so, then 10/10.

    Points are lost if we notice rubbish filmmaking or low quality presentation. i.e 4K should really be a minimum people!


    All of this leads to an overall rating.

I hope you enjoy….

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Episode Contents

0:00 – Episode 1 Intro

1:17 – Why and How I Review Films

4:16 – What Is a Call To Spy About

5:49 – Key Cast and Real Life Characters

13:19 – Production Values

15:21 – Overall Thoughts

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