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I am on a mission to help as many people as I can experience Yoga!

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I am supporting small businesses on my blog, next up The Silver Hedgehog chatted with Chelsea about her business Say Yes To Yoga

Hello Chelsea, thank you for talking with us today. Tell us all about 'Say Yes To Yoga'

I run Yoga Sessions that anyone can attend. My aim is to make Yoga accessible to all; you do not have to be the strongest, fittest or most flexible person to take part. I am on a mission to help as many people as I can experience Yoga. It is such a fantastic way to make you feel good about yourself and helps you pay attention to your body.  It keeps limbs and joints subtle and has tons of other health benefits! 

That’s a great mission Chelsea, Why did you set up ‘Say Yes To Yoga’?

‘Say Yes To Yoga’ is my life passion. Previously I was a primary school teacher and my work-life balance really suffered. So I gave it up, retrained as a yoga instructor and qualified in 2017. Yoga has this image of exclusivity, fitness and super skinny women, and I certainly do not fit into that mould – I’m a short chubby person! I have never been to a Yoga class where I felt completely at ease, so I am doing something about it by promoting the idea that anyone can do yoga as it’s so adaptable.

Fantastic, this Hedgehog could do with being a bit more supple! where do your classes take place?

I currently hold two evening classes a week at Brownhills Community Centre & deliver a weekly session for Rethink Mental health. I have also been back to primary school to teach youngsters yoga and I have also taught yoga at a retirement home.

Before lockdown I was teaching in private homes with 1-2-1 sessions, but that is on pause at the moment due to Covid 19.

You mentioned Covid, how has that affected you?

I have had to stop the home visits and make sure that the classes are Covid safe.  I can only have 8 spaces per class, so it’s really important that people book in advance. However, with the right guidance Yoga can be done in the home environment, to help with this I have launched my own You Tube channel.

Say Yes To Yoga In Action

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Than you Chelsea maybe The Silver Hedgehog will be ‘Saying Yes To Yoga’ very soon

What equipment do people need?

Due to Covid restrictions I am unable to provide Yoga mats so people need to provide their own when they attend a session.  A drink / bottle of water would also be recommended.

How long do classes last?

I run classes twice a week Classes last for 1 hour each

Say Yes To Yoga, Location, Class Times and Contact Info…

Brownhills Community Centre,




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Tue:18:00  – 19:00
Wed:No Class
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