Chester Zoo Days Out

Chester Zoo Days Out Review

‘’It’s the best zoo we have ever been to!!” – Bradley Darkes Having heard great things,  Team Hedgehog decided to visit Chester Zoo during the Easter Holidays 2022. Before we get into the review here’s a little info on the zoo, (info grabbed off their website) What is Chester Zoo Opened in 1931, Chester Zoo…

Tenet Header

Tenet Film Review

Powered by JustWatch Content List Introduction Script and Screenplay Stand Out Casting Sound/ Music/ Score Visual Effects Video Quality Overall Thoughts Neil : What the hell happened here? The Protagonist: Hasn’t happened yet. Introduction To Tenent There are several directors whose work I admire, and several more whose heads I would love to just go and sit in…

Bloodshot Recommended

Bloodshot Movie Review

With the behemoth that is Marvel Studios dominating the Super Hero genre and DC just about picking up the scraps, is there room for a new entrant into this world?  Not content with Spiderman, Sony Studios have bagged the distribution rights for the Valiant Comics Universe with the first origin story being ‘Bloodshot’…

The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man (2020) Film Review

Myself and JJ started watching The Invisible Man with a conversation about Horror films. I like horror films such as Saw, Carrie, Train To Busan. What really freaks me out is psychological horror, the kind that tortures your mind leaves you in suspense and then hits you hard, films like original IT, Women In Black, Black Swan, Disturbia. JJ on the other hand prefers these psychological thrillers while I hide under a cushion! Here is The Silver Hedgehog review of The Invisible Man….

Spotify Product Review

Spotify Product Review

The Silver Hedgehog Spotify product review. This is probably the best known of the music services being discussed in this blog. Spotify was founded on a ‘music for everyone’ ethos.  To this end they have really succeeded in achieving this.  The service is ubiquitous located on pretty much any major streaming device…..