Episode 2 David Moore Interview

Introduction To Episode 2 of The Silver Hedgehog Hogcast

Interview : David Moore, Sandfields Pumping Station

In this episode I talk to David Moore a local historian and former Chairman of Lichfield Waterworks Trust.  We discuss Sandfields pumping station, how it’s saved Britain from the cholera epidemic and how David is now, saving the legacy of that building.

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Episode Contents

0:00 – Intro

1:39 – What is Sandfields Pumping Station

8:57 – What is its’s purpose

15:00 – John McLean

22:44 – The engine house

26:03 -First water filtration

21:28 -1995

23:00 -2012 Derelict heritage

39:13 – Something for the community

44:00 – The future

56:18 – Outro

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Lichfield Waterworks Trust is a group of volunteers dedicated to preserving Sandfields Pumping Station with its fascinating history and unique Victorian Pumping Engine.
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