A Call To Spy Podcast

Welcome to Episode 1 of The Silver Hedgehog Hogcast

In this episode I introduce the Hogcast, talk about how The Silver Hedgehog reviews films and provide my first ever podcast film review of ‘A Call To Spy’

Episode Contents

0:00 – Episode 1 Intro

1:17 – Why and How I Review Films

4:16 – What Is a Call To Spy About

5:49 – Key Cast and Real Life Characters

13:19 – Production Values

15:21 – Overall Thoughts

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podcast host Garry

An office worker by day and blogger by night. Garry is the creator, writer and host of The Silver Hedgehog Hogcast.
A Sci-Fi geek (don’t mention Terry Pratchett or Isaac Asimov unless you have a spare hour) and avid film fan.
Enjoys writing reviews and blogs in his spare time, and is waiting for the day he gets paid for it!

Garry Llewellyn

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