The family are really proud of what we have achieved.

Helen Leigh

Greenhills Nursery

I am supporting local businesses by giving them a shout out on my blog. Next up is Helen Leigh representing both ‘Greenhills Nursery’ and ‘Greenhills Dog Grooming and Salon’  I have split the details for the businesses into two pages. Below you can find the details of the Nursery and you can find the Dog grooming by clicking here

Hi Helen welcome to the Silver Hedgehog Blog!

Hi Hedgehog,thank you for doing this.

Tell us about your businesses…

I’ve got my own dog grooming business and I jointly run a garden nursery with my Dad.

Sounds like you’re a busy person, What would you like to talk about first?

Greenhills Nursery.  We are a small family run business based in Gentleshaw,

I didn’t know we had such a nursery close by, tell us more…

My dad (Peter) opened the nursery in 1994.  He built it up from just a field. Peter completed a City and Guilds in horticulture back in the 1970’s.  After working in horticulture for 20 years he decided the time was right to open his own nursery. I grew up helping out and joined full time in 2012, now my children help out too.  The family are really proud of what we have achieved. It not only means the nursery has over 45 year’s experience in the horticultural trade, but the business has real family values and is able to offer help and advice to anyone who needs it.

How can you be contacted?

Greenhills Nursery

Greenhills Nursery,
WS15 4NG

Wed:11:00 – 16:00
Thu:11:00 – 16:00
Fri:11:00 – 16:00
Sat:11:00 –16:00 

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