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“Over the last few years I have built an extensive portfolio of services and treatments.”

Jane Fyfe

I am supporting local businesses by introducing them on my blog. Next up is HelenaJane Holistic. The Silver Hedgehog has been speaking to business owner Jane Fyfe.

Hello Jane, tell us about HelenaJane Holistic.

Hello hedgehog, I am a holistic therapist.

I have not heard of Holistic Therapy, what does a Holistic Therapist do?

I treat the whole person rather than individual symptoms.  Holistic therapy is treatment for the body, mind, spirit, and emotions, also widely known as CAM – complementary and alternative medicine – holistic practices assist in regaining the physical and energy balances of the body.

What would a typical treatment look like?

Someone could be tense, in pain and stressed, this could also be causing lack of sleep, I would tailor a therapy to help on both physical and emotional levels. I could blend essential oils to destress and relax, and use them in a remedial massage to ease pain and tension, with some talking therapy thrown in.

Fascinating, how long have you been a practicing Holistic Therapist?

I had spent several years unable to work due to poor health, I had an interest in alternative medicine, so I started to explore holistic well-being to get me better, and it worked! I then realised I could help others with their well-being too, and so 8 years ago I started working and training as a Holistic Therapist. It is such a fascinating subject. I started out doing mobile therapies until I found an office space, which I moved into just over 3 years ago, business was steadily building, then we had lock-down and had to shut until a few weeks ago. We were then allowed to reopen for some therapies and then this weekend gone, we were finally able to offer all therapies, with masks and visors obviously!

HelenaJane Holistic At Work

What other services do you offer?

Over the last few years I have built an extensive portfolio of services and treatments covering Holistic Therapies, Corporate Events, Workshops, Psychic and Spiritual sessions, Mindfulness Meditation and Tai-Chi. I also sell Neal’s Yard remedies via my webshop. I also have a selection of holistic/wellness gifts available at my office too… ohh and Gift Vouchers.

HelenaJane Holistic Address

Helenajane Holistic

Genesis House

212 Ingram Road



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