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With the news that the UK is going into recession, I have been thinking of how I can help and support local companies. I’ve come up with the idea of writing an an editorial for local business’s and post here on my blog . (They can be part of my 52 blog challenge). Ideally a small business that would benefit from a little exposure. A local company/small business with minimal online presence. I have put the word out on Facebook and have been blown away with the interest for this. Once I have created and posted them, I would love it if you could share the posts around and get the word out about these great local companies.

Thanks S.H

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An office worker by day and blogger by night. Garry is the creator and writer of The Silver Hedgehog.  A Sci-Fi geek (don’t mention Terry Pratchett or Isaac Asimov unless you have a spare hour) and avid film fan (noted for watching Titanic 8 times at the cinema 🤩).  Enjoys writing reviews and blogs in his spare time, and is waiting for the day he gets paid for it!

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  1. I think supporting local businesses is a superb idea given the current climate & cant wait to read all the different blogs & get to know about businesses I may not know about.

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